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A Rocky Start: Weathering the Challenges of the Crowe Cup Season

The Crowe Cup sailing season is in full swing, but we've been plagued by poor weather. After a strong start with CC1, we had to abandon or cancel the next three races due to either too little or too much wind. However, a look back at the archives, thanks to John Cleary, reveals that the 1990 season also faced a rocky start. At the top of the records, you can see notes on the weather conditions, indicating that this isn't the first time we've faced such challenges.

Hopefully, as the summer progresses, the weather will improve, and we won't have to abandon or cancel any more races. Another point of interest from the archives is the number of boats that participated in CC3 on May 18, 1990—18 boats in total! I vividly remember all the boats and the fierce competition of those races. It would be fantastic to see a fleet like that out again on a weekday evening.

As a member of the club, I believe it is our duty to encourage everyone to take part and join in. So, if you have a boat, come on out, and if you're thinking of joining a club, you couldn't do better than joining CIBC. Let's make this season one to remember!

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